Investor jump start program

What is the investor Jump Start Program?

Whether you are an aspiring new investor, seeking a fresh start, or looking to revive retirement planning that has been stalled by the demands of life, our Jump Start Investment strategy is for you.

Don’t pay a 5.75% load (commission) to buy mutual funds
5.75% of $25,000.00 = $1,437.50
5.75% of $50,000.00 = $2,875.00
5.75% of $75,000.00 = $4,312.50
5.75% of $100,000.00 = $5,750.00

Jump Start gives you all of the benefits of working with a wholesale brokerage firm. Special access to our tactically managed portfolio’s for a one time enrollment fee.

What You Get:

  • Access to work with fee only, fiduciary advisory firm
  • Access to multiple “Tactically” managed portfolios
  • Access to investment options that have no loads, hidden fees or commission incentive for the recommending advisor
  • Work with a firm whose interest are aligned with your best interest. “Efficiently grow your account and tactically protect your investment balance from market loss”

How Much Does It Cost:

$475 includes a 90 minute private consultation fee (zoom meeting or local office)


  • Complete a personalized risk assessment to determine your risk tolerance and risk score.
  • Create personalized investment portfolio that matches your risk score and targeted investment rate of return.
  • Discuss our “Tactically Managed” portfolio options with past and current YTD performance results
  • Initiate transfer or roll-over process
*Additional financial planning meetings available upon request for an additional $150 consultation fee.


$475 Administrative Enrollment Fee (one-time fee)