"We are a firm of Financial Advisors who believe good stewardship is a responsibility we must be accountable to."


Each member of the Way Financial firm has been carefully selected for their uniquely crafted and individualized skill sets and talents. Our advisors bring with them proven experience, professional training and passion in the areas of stewardship and holistic wealth management. Our CEO, Joseph Laswell’s, drive to understand the principles of wealth accumulation started as a young boy. He always had a desire to do his personal best. Joseph would watch and study others who were successful and would mimic their behavior patterns. Joseph has used these years of research, study, training and application to develop what he believes to be a more mature view of success and wealth, one that includes every area of life. Way Financial was birthed from this philosophy.

“Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success.” Proverbs 15:22

One of the fundamental beliefs of our firm is “you are who you associate with”. We have found that this principle can be especially powerful when it comes to stewardship and wealth management. As an independent financial advisory firm, we have the freedom to custom select the country’s very best financial professionals to build a comprehensive wealth management team for you. We are dedicated to understanding the needs and goals of our clients and communicating our role in achieving them. Our goal is to simplify and organize stewardship and asset management so that you only deal with one firm to manage your financial, estate and legacy plan.

Joseph Laswell, CEO Way Financial


Providing holistic wealth management solutions or select a specific service that completes your financial needs.

Modern and relevant panning techniques will give you peace of mind that you receiving the best available solutions.

Our team values our relationships more than anything. We use a fiduciary standard so that you know your best interest will always be put first.

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